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PruAus Restaurant AU (no title yet e.e)
"Gilbert! Wake up!"
A loud, stern voice brought Gilbert into the annoyance of consciousness. The German groaned and kept his eyes shut, ignoring his brother. There was no way he would get out of bed this early on a Saturday. Weekends were made for sleeping in; didn't Ludwig know that? Although, in Gilbert's case, it seemed every day was made for sleeping in. No responsibilities meant no alarm clocks.
Just as he was about to shut down again, bright light poured into the room as the curtains were pushed back. His eyebrows furrowed and he groaned again, irritation more evident in his voice. The German refused to open his eyes. Maybe his brother would go away after a while, once he realized that he wasn't going anywhere. Gilbert snuggled deeper into his covers that covered almost all of his body, cocooning into the soft mess of tangled fabric.
Just when he thought he had won and Ludwig had given up, all the blankets and sheets were torn away from him, exposing his pale body to the slight b
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xd by PriCullen xd :iconpricullen:PriCullen 1 0 Lumiera Hinrik by PriCullen Lumiera Hinrik :iconpricullen:PriCullen 3 3 Emoticon translate~ by PriCullen Emoticon translate~ :iconpricullen:PriCullen 1 0 side face practice by PriCullen side face practice :iconpricullen:PriCullen 6 0 Colonial!America by PriCullen Colonial!America :iconpricullen:PriCullen 6 7
RomanoxReader/ Unhealed Heart/ Part 3
RomanoxReader/ Unhealed Heart/ Part 3
By Puri~
There was something really weird about all this, she was, without doubt, trying to hide something. I'm not the one to wonder about people, if they don't want to talk about something I'll leave them alone. Not that I talk to a lot of people anyways but it was different with her, I wanted to know more about her, what was making her miserable? I must admit, she is making a quite remarkable job at hiding. But I know she's hiding something and she it knows too and whatever it is, I’m going to find out.
Her eyes were gentle, but gentle is not a synonym of happy. I wanted her to be happy, because even if it costs me to say it, is necessary. I must be a hypocrite, but I don't care, happiness is healthy, it's necessary. Even if I'm not, or just because I'm not, that doesn't mean I want other people to be miserable. I want her to be happy, everyone should be happy; in fact happiness is so contagious I would be happy if she
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RomanoxReader/Unhealed Heart/Part Two
RomanoxReader/Unhealed Heart/Part Two
By Puri~
I waited for her to come the next day, it was around the time she had come in yesterday but there still no sign of her. It’s not like she said she’d come the very next day anyway, and it’s not like I’m waiting or expecting her to come or anything. I just wanted to prove to fratello it wasn't the same girl he met. A couple walked in, the hostess led them to a table and I walked over to their table almost automatically. A group of girls also came in, and then a girl by herself, she sat on the same table __________ had been yesterday. I wasn't feeling all that great today, and my hopes to see the girl again today had vanished, I wanted to just go home and do nothing. It’s true there were other waiters but the couple and the girl were on my section so I had to deal with them.
I walked towards the girl reluctantly, “Hello, how are you today?” I faked a nice voice, it was easy, I did it all the time.
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RomanoxReader/Unhealed Heart/ Part One
RomanoxReader/Unhealed Heart/ Part One
By Puri~
We've just moved, I've been feeling better lately, I don’t like change that much, I guess no one likes change much, because over time you do just get accustomed to your surroundings. But this change is for the best, or so my brother keeps saying. Veneziano is the kind of person that won’t shut up about something when it intrigues or fascinates him. He will get tired of it, eventually.
The thing is we are not just moving, we are also starting our very own business, an Italian Restaurant by the name of Gardenia. Everything is settled; we made sure of it ourselves. The place is paid, the furniture is in place, licenses, kitchen, menus, everything. Veneziano and I made sure the place looked exactly how we pictured it in our minds. It’s in a corner, there are no other Italian restaurants near, and so it is the perfect location. Actually, the closest thing to completion would be the bakery shop that is on the corner in front o
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practice by PriCullen practice :iconpricullen:PriCullen 3 4 Violet Hour by PriCullen Violet Hour :iconpricullen:PriCullen 3 0
Mature content
PrussiaxReader/Last Mint Flavoured Candy~/ :iconpricullen:PriCullen 92 47
Mature content
EnglandxReaderxPrussia/Prussia Penguin?!/ :iconpricullen:PriCullen 52 39
CanadaxVampire!Reader/Brother Cupid?/
CanadaxVampire!Reader/Brother Cupid?/
by Puri~
You were walking thru the forest, wandering around, you were hungry. The famished you tried to drink from someone a while ago had been punched in the face by a man so called 'Hero', he was pretty strong for a mere human, your jaw still hurt a bit. He told you not to drink on his territory, kicking you out and telling you to keep walking north, so you did. You were lucky he had shown you mercy, and it was kind of him to show you were you could find food, 'I'm a hero after all and it's my duty to help others, humans and vampires alike', was what he said…  You listened to his advice, walking northward; he said you'd find food… But you hadn't seen a single human and you've walked a pretty long distance.
You saw someone with a red hood walking nearby still in the forest; you heard your stomach growl. You walked over to the red hooded guy, you were close when he heard you, and he instinctively looked towards the cause of the
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GermanyxReader/Potato Pancakes!/
GermanyxReader/Potato Pancakes!/
by Puri~
It had been around 6 months that you've moved to Germany's house, not by your own will of course, you had been dragged here by Prussia, it's not like you hated it here, you simply felt frustrated. Why? Because you had a thing for Germany and he didn't even look at your direction, not even once, in all the time you had here, he barely even talked to you. It was simply frustrating, you wanted him to look at you, you wanted him to touch you, and you longed for his touch… but he was really dense.
Even though he was a pervert... you knew because you once found him doing things with just a dirty magazine you'd pretty much like to forget but couldn't... the seen cannot ever be unseen... as they say... but even so, he was really dense and naïve in stuff about… love… well he was raised by Prussia so you weren't that surprised… But this was love, not just a simply crush or lust that you had, so you would wait until the time came.
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Priscila Cross
United Kingdom
Umm... well I don't know what to put here so... even thought I don't seem like it but I'm a pretty weird combination... part French, Spanish, English and Japanese... and Mexican :D!
So... Yey for cultural exchange! so Yey!... mother's side French grandma, Spanish grandpa, father's side English grandma, Japanese grandpa... when I think about it with a Hetalian mind... It's kind of creepy since I'm not a UkJapan shipper D:! Also, Spain's only meant to be Romano's D:!

Can't get Hetalia and pasta out of my head... I wonder why .___.
Really... I do.

I've got thick eyebrows(at least I think I do xD! But I do know how to cook... I think...), I love tomatoes, I love anime and manga... and apparently I'm a perv~

If I only had Prussian blood in me... I'd be the daughter od the Bad Touch Trio + England and Japan :iconchuuplz:

Anyways I'm just a crazy lad, nothing to be afraid of.... :iconsiclaroplz:

~I speak English :iconenglandplz: :iconenglandflagplz:
~Hablo Espa˝ol :iconspainflagplz: :iconmexicoflagplz:
~Je parle Franšois :iconfranceflagplz:
~Nihongo... sukoshi dake ._. <--- I'll get there someday xD! Soredemo... :iconhappyhappyplz: :iconjapanflagplz:!

Current Residence: home, sweet home(:
Favourite genre of music: Indie!
Personal Quote: umm... holy penguins?
Tagged by :iconnightbladegirl:

1. You must post these rules. ((if you don't you die LOL JUST KIDDING!!or are we?...))
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people

1. Would you rather have your bum-bum bitten by a pitbul with aids or have it used as a launchpad for two bottle rockets? NOW, THIS IS HARD. I choose the launchpad .-.
2. Do you have any nicknames your lover/boyfriend/girlfriend call you that makes you blush like crazy? HAHAHAHAHA! If so, what?HHAAHAHAHA! WAIT! Does it count if he/they is/are imaginary? .-.
3. Your Anime/cartoon crush ends up at your door, purposing to you. What do you do? asasfdgasfsdfsdhfs!YES! YES! HECK YEAAH! 
4. Your favorite show was canceled forever because of your favorite character being murdered. What's your reaction? devastation.-. for like a week and then just numbness.... no, I'm a heartless wrench._.
5. Would you mind kissing someone the same gender? I guess it would be weird.
6. Ever listen to a yaoi drama CD? If so, what was your reaction? If not, listen to it and say your reaction. Okay, I listened to a Junjuo Romantica one(my friends said it wasn't explicit); there where lots and LOTS of moans, my reaction.... "what. what did I just listen to, WHY?!" what gif photo: well gif what_zps63d5aad2.gif and then I almost died 'cause my ovaries pretty much exploded.
7: Any nicknames? Puri, Peach, Cross,
8: Are you ticklish? no no yes jensen photo: Jensen no.... Yes jensennooyes.gif
9: What was the most awkward conversation you had? I guess once with a guy I liked and he kind of liked me back but we where both oblivious of it and he started to ask me questions about "a girl" he liked so that was kind of disappointing and I "stopped" liking him and then I found out it was me who he was talking about e.e
10: Favorite Youtuber? Danisnotonfire :DD!

Me questions~
1)Would you rather... run for 5000 miles naked around town or catch a grenade..?
2)You are stuck in the last anime you saw, which one is it?
3)Real or Fictional character you would most certainly like to meet?
4)What/Who do you think you were in your past life(metaphorically speaking if you don't believe in such thing if you do then that's fine too~)
5)If you could live ANYWHERE in THE UNIVERSES, where would you live?
6)Briefly describe your 2P!Persona (Alter ego, second player, your opposite, etc.)
7)What's your nightwear?
8)(running out of ideas here D:) What are you passionate about?
9)If you could be ANYTHING, what would you be?
10)Last book you read.

Le tagged~  ._______. Sorry I know this may bother you. Sorry. You don't have to do it.


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